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The Big Bang Of The Angels

The Big Bang of The Angels
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The BigBang Of The Angels
all the stars have been blown out

~About Us~

Welcome to the Angelic BigBang! In this particular bigbang, you have four months to write a 10,000 word story, be it original, fanfiction, AU, crossover, fusion, even RPF! This one is specific to stories about Angels.

Not an author? There's room for everyone! Artists, betas, and cheerleaders!


-Sign ups open for author, artist, beta, and cheerleaders - January 1st

-Sign ups close for the above - February 1st

-Check In #1 - March 1st

-Check In #2 - April 1st

-Rough Drafts and Summaries for Artists due - May 1st

-Summary Claims for Artists - May 3rd

-Reminder for Final Drafts - June 1st

-Final Drafts (story + art) due - June 15th

-Posting begins - June 17th

~Main Links~

Author Sign ups & Rules
Artist Sign ups & Rules
Beta/Cheerleader Sign ups & Guidelines


7snogs // spn_angels // horrorbigbang // spacebigbang // dystopiabigbang

If you wish to affiliate with us, contact angelic_mod.

~Contact A Mod~

Official Mod Account: synnerxx
Official Email: chloegdgc@yahoo.com